Sunday, 17 May 2009

A good week ahead

Hello Everyone,
Hope you al had a lovely week like we did? We had a really nice week and we are looking forward to a wonderful week ahead. We are also excited about ‘Wedding Vogue Throws A Wedding’, it is going to be fun. Some of the prizes include but not limited to:
Couture Wedding Gown made for you by VDS
(Valeria David’s – Designer of The Year)
Make up – Mood Concern
100 Glasses of Chapman – Happie Hour
Hair by a reputable salon
Bridal Nail Pampering by The Nail Boudoir in the comfort of your home
We will update and explain the prizes as we progress. But in the meantime do not forget to tell everyone you know to compete and the deadline for stories is getting nearer. Take care and have a fun week.

Gbemi & Molara

Rant of The Week

Why is it when the newlyweds have to cut their cake people are invited to join/help them other that the person officiating?
We will showcase a wedding before the end of the week.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Wedding Vogue Throws a Wedding

Wedding Vogue Throws a Wedding

Are you getting married? Do you want Molara & Gbemi to help plan and co-ordinate your wedding for FREE complete with ushers? If your answer is yes then this contest is yours, if your answer is no then you may want to tell someone whose answer you know will be yes. This season “Wedding Vogue” will run a 12-week special series, in which readers will help choose a couple to win their dream wedding planned and co-ordinated by Gbemi & Molara by voting on everything from contestants to winners. More than 100,000 votes are expected to be cast during this season.

What do you have to do?

Send us your story – how you met, who proposed, how, what type of wedding you will like to have (describe your special day) and why you should be picked as contestants. You will also need to attach your picture, wedding date and location. Send your stories to

Visit every Monday for results, news and weekly tasks. Couples have until June 8th, 2009, to submit their stories for consideration. From the applications submitted, ten couples will be selected and featured on the blog debut segment of "Wedding Vogue Throws a Wedding" on June 22, 2009. Following that segment, readers will vote online to decide which ten couples will have a chance to contest to have their wedding planned and co-ordinated by Molara & Gbemi and be featured on Wedding Vogue.

Each week, readers will cast their votes to determine the couple that will win FREE Wedding Planning and Co-ordination by Gbemi & Molara. Every week the ten contestants will be given a task and one couple eliminated each week, this will be determined by votes cast weekly by wedding vogue readers. All voting will take place on the site via the comments box.

The deadline for couples to apply is June 8th, 2009.
Goodluck and have fun!!!!

You can also email with questions.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Catch Up

Hello Everyone,
It is so good to be back and we are quite excited about so many things. First we thank you for your emails, calls and those of you we meet everyday for all your encouragement and good wishes. Okay lets catch up, what have you al been up too? Well, what have we been up to – mostly travelling, trainings and working. Oh yes, Gbemi had a baby girl 24.12.08.

For those of you that are just joining the blog, a bit about it and us:

Wedding Vogue is hosted by OMOLARA AKINOSHO [Chief Executive of JUST WEDDINGS] and GBEMISOLA ADENEKAN [Chief Executive of OMEGA EVENTS] both top wedding and special event planners in Nigeria. We bring our expertise & experience to the blog. Feel free to email us with your comments, ideas, questions and if you have a service/wedding you would like us to showcase.

Wedding Vogue – is a combination of reality and infotainment. Each week the blog would, interview, showcase, task, entertain and inform the general public on various key issues and ideas that are connected to weddings and wedding planning.

For advertisement, showcase enquiries etc please contact us via email or Molara – 08037183840 and Gbemi - 08034153636

Wedding news:

Destination weddings are in whether for efiziee or other reasons.
What exactly is a Destination Wedding?

When a couple decides that they want to exchange their vows and celebrate their love in a dream location that they and their guests will have to travel to, they are deciding on a Destination Wedding. Destination weddings often take place in tropical areas such as the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii. Others decide to celebrate their wedding in Europe, South America, or the South Pacific. Africa is very much ‘in hot’ demand now. The entire wedding party will travel to the destination and enjoy a long weekend - or an entire week - and be on vacation while attending the wedding. Destination weddings can cost less than traditional weddings.
Formerly the exclusive domain of celebrities and the ultra-rich, Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an "exotic twist" to their special ceremony. Properly planned, a destination wedding can turn your wedding day into an unforgettable "mini-vacation" for you and your guests. It is also very intimate and fun.. Will I need a wedding coordinator to handle the ceremony at my destination wedding location?

Depending on the ceremony details, it is recommended that you work with someone to help finalize the details. Many resorts and hotels have on-site wedding coordinators, who maintain reputable local vendor lists, and can help organize your big day. If you can afford a Nigerian planner who can deal with your Nigerian guests the better but make sure she/he is able to travel out of the country J

*Excerpts from -

Rants of the week

Our 2 rants of the week have been done before but more and more people keep doing it.

Brides who wear gloves - whats up with that, now the grooms who wear gloves (comon now) . Can someone tell us what the reason for the gloves and please dont say style.

Okay people, what is up with you grooms and brides that can not tell your groom(s) that WEARING SUNGLASSES ON YOUR SPECIAL DAY IS JUST RAZZ (local). It is understandable if the bridal photo shoot is outside and he is with his groomsmen. But sitting on the high table, dancing into the hall, during your engagement/wedding ceremony and most annoying while taking intimate bridal portraits. VERY VERY VERY VERY RAZZ, so if you never knew, now you do!!!!

Question of the week?

How early should you start planning your wedding?

See you again 18.05.09

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