Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

With Love,

Molara & Gbemi
Please come back and tell us all your love stories of the day. Take carexxxxxxxx

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Here comes the bride........................................

Hello All,
How is everyone doing? Hope you are all well? Like we say every week, thank you all for stopping by. For those that feel the blog is getting boring sorry you feel that way, if you started this blog with us you will remember it is supposed to be twice a week thing but we try to update every week and we work as well.
The jewelry rant last week was for the traditional wear, you need to go see some pictures :) on some sites. Nothing much to say today, but as always thank you all and have a great week.

Gbemi & Molara

Vendor of the Week
Tosin Tewe of Edible Craft Inc.

Name Of Company
EdibleCraft Inc.

Why I went into cake making?
I started baking cake at age 14, I really started baking professonally in 1997 at Basildon UK.
I had just had my first baby and was a stay at home mom,(was trained as a professional accountant but had to leave my job to take care of my baby), so I deciced to turn my hobby into a profession. I took some culinary and sugarcraft couses at Squires Kitchen, Surrey England and started my cake making business out of my kitchen in 1999.
In 2000, I & 2 staff moved to a store location at Basildon ,where we served the local bakery shoppers oven fresh cakes and pastries daily. This we did till 2004 when we sold the bakery due to relocation with my family to Atlanta,USA.
Once in GA, I took some additional sugarcraft courses to brush up my skills at the Int'l school of SugarCraft Norcross GA,(owned by world renowed sugar artist-Mr Nicholas Lodge) . In 2005,I got EdibleCraft registered and started baking for the public once again.
In effect,I've been doing cakes professionally for 10 years now.

EdibleCraft is presently located in Auburn GA and hopefuly our larger bakery facility will be opened in Lawrenceville GA before the end of first qtr 2008.

Contact details
Phone - 770-287-4992
Email: or

Price Range for wedding cakes
Basic pricing for Buttercream cakes $3.50 per serving ,minimum 100 people
Basic pricing for Fondant cakes : $4.5 per serving,minimum 150 people.

Advise for couples when choosing their wedding cake:
Choose your baker by sampling their wedding cakes, if possible, and looking over their album of cake designs and styles. Your fantasy becomes reality with a creative baker.
Select your months in advance...and be prepared to describe your wedding theme,color swatches, the number of guests, location and time.
Multitiered cakes are generally assembled at the reception site. Be sure you allow enough time for delivery and set up.
A deposit of 25 to 30 percent is customarily given at the time you place your order.
Request from your baker,a receipt and CONTRACT signed by you and your baker,describing the type of cake you've ordered, its filling, icing, style, and color of decorations.
EdibleCraft will always draw a detailed contract ,for every wedding cake we make.


1. Really ladies let us talk, what is the big deal about throwing the bouquet. Why is it when they call single girls even those of you that dont have men still act like you do. Even when you see the bride calling you and looking sad you still refuse.

2. We blogged about this before but we have to say it again cos it is getting soooooo out of hand, please talk to your parents about the chairman they pick for your wedding. We understand that some like to use their big friends but come on - they dont have to bore the crowd, take your own wedding personal or start making a show out of the job.

3. Brides this is for you - braids used to be forbidden for the bride but now more and more brides are braiding their hair and it is beautiful. Please brides before you bride, weave, fix weave on or just style the hair please try to retouch a week in advance at least. UNDERGROWTH is not cute.

P.S What do you feel about our new rant picture :)

A bride is not allowed/expected to speak at wedding reception (even though some do), is there a reason why?

Saturday, 2 February 2008

New week

Hello guys,
How are you, hope everyone is fine? Sorry about the late update but between all our work its hard to get to our computers sometimes but we will get better. Dayo and Dayo unfortunately do not have a website and the wedding was at New Stream Hall. We will do an additional update mid week. Take care and have a great week. Thank you all as always.

Molara and Gbemi

Meet 2 of the 'KINGS OF COMEDY'

Gbenga Adeyinka the 1st

What the difference between an MC and a Comedian?
The Master Compere or master of ceremonies is the person in charge of letting people know how the event will unfold. (Usually the geeky, serious looking guy with the microphone) but doing a straight job, no quips and witty interjections. The Comedian is that person the is JUST supposed to make you laugh. If he is paid he is under more pressure to deliver.

People say it’s hard for comedians to be Mc’s because you crack the same jokes at every wedding, nothing new and no creativity for weddings?
Well I guess it depends on the M.C, usually I would recommend a good Compere who is also a good comedian for weddings because this would help with the setting and mood of the event. A comedian might not just be appropriate and a Master of Ceremony might not just be good because people might just want to laugh. I have always believed that not every comedian and M.C can handle weddings. It takes a gifted person with all the qualities of a comedian and M.C to successfully steer the ship of the wedding because a lot of things like respect for guest, appropriate handling of protocol and so many other trade secrets are involved. So that’s it basically.

MC’s/Comedians charge N150k – N1mil for a wedding, how do you justify your fee?
Well I guess nothing good comes easy and in my opinion if you want the best then you have to pay. Some people would like to use king Sunny Ade for their wedding while some other can’t just be bothered with who is playing. To them "music is music" if you want a classy wedding then you go for the best. If you go for the best then you have to pay the best. There are no two ways about it. I hope this does not come across as being pompous but it is just the truth.

How do you stay funny?
Well research helps a lot, everyday experiences also help to broaden the mind but I guess the best assistance to being funny is reading.

What do you look forward to at weddings?
The couple coming into the venue always blows my mind. It’s like two young people with all the love in the world in their hearts. Dancing, giving glory to God and deciding to go through life together no matter the odds. I also like the part where the couple kiss. Some brides are so shy to kiss in the presence of their parents and I go ah! You better kiss! Because we already know what you will be doing later, since you have a new drivers licence

What don’t you look forward to?
The Chairman’s advice. A lot of times it is too loooooooooooooooong and boring and this puts pressure on the compere to lift the crowd again. Then the toast can be terrible if the toast master does not know what to say which the case is usually. I believe couples should meet with the M.C before the event to straighten all these out.

We have watched Nigerian Comedy grow; you guys are doing your thing and doing a great job. You know you are appreciated, what should we watch out for from you next?
Well we will not be here without the support of fantastic people like you. We are diversifying into more fields of Comedy which I think is good for the industry. We seem to have concentrated too much on Stand up Comedy and this is why there seems to be the usual talk of repetition. As for me I will be coming out with a monthly Comedy Magazine called Laffmattazz, and I have plans to float a comedy Television Station and I know that my colleagues have plans for other things like a Comedy school and so many other fantastic ideas.


What the difference between an MC and a Comedian?

People say it’s hard for comedians to be Mc’s because you crack the same jokes at every wedding, nothing new and no creativity for weddings?
We don’t crack d same jokes at weddings..even if we’s our jokes, you don’t buy a shirt...wear it ones at trash it do u?

MC’s/Comedians charge N150k – N1mil for a wedding, how do you justify your fee?
Most times, I don’t charge client by the time, amount of jokes I crack of location of event....I charge for the brand (Basket Mouth)

How do you stay funny?
I really don’t know how I stay funny

What do you look forward to at weddings?
I look forward to the end of every’s too demanding

What don’t you look forward to?
I don’t look 4ward to having every body wanting to have their names mentioned at recognised at someone else's wedding...crap

We have watched Nigerian Comedy grow; you guys are doing your thing and doing a great job. You know you are appreciated, what should we watch out for from you next?
Look forward to the best of me

Rants of the Week

Alright people what is it with this jewelry, we have been seeing so many. What is it with huge pendants, coloured beads that do not match your outfit and over long chains? We understand your parents make you were some of them but there must be a way to say no nicely.

Brides and bridesmaid please you have no excue not to SHAVE. Whether you are wearing a strapless dress or not, you MUST shave. Saying you are a bridesmaid and not the bride does not help either - you must SHAVE. It is just nasty for a bride or her bridesmaids to have hair under their armpits on the special day.