Monday, 24 March 2008

All about YOU!!!!!

Hello All,
How are you all? HAPPY EASTER - Hope you had a nice break because we did? This week we decided to do something new and we hope you like it lollllll
This week is all about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk to us or should we say let us talk. Talk to us about topics you will like addressed, put up your rants, send us websites to view etc. Lets see what this week will be like.

Take care
Gbemi & Molara

Sunday, 16 March 2008

A Special Wedding Vogue Afternoon - Update

A Very Special Wedding Vogue Afternoon

Hello All,
How are you , hope everyone is fine? First and foremost we will like to thank ALL of the brides, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, vendors and every other person who stopped by to see us on Saturday afternoon. Despite the rain, distance and all you all still made it, thank you so much. I hope you had as much fun as we did. It was nice meeting our readers and listening to all your comments, questions and suggestions.
A lot of you may be wondering what happened at the Wedding Vogue Afternoon, well we will try to summarize it for you all.
The afternoon started with Molara and Gbemi rushing to set up and get ready for the afternoon. We were trying to decide if to go with our program or just let the day flow. Then we got a call from our darling Dammy who called in to say hi and wish us luck - Thanks Dammy. Anyway we were finally ready and its 1 o'clock - our first guests Ricky and her mum. The looked every inch like sisters, it was nice to have a mom there because she was able to give us an insight into how parents think. But she is so different from the usual parent, very cool and down to earth. As the day went by we had different guests and loads of questions. Some of them included:

Who are you?

What exactly do planners do?

How much do you charge? (was asked by almost everyone)

Who have you worked for before or whose weddings have you done?

Do we have to hire both Molara and Gbemi together?

How do we know who is real and who is good from all these websites?

Where are you based?

How early should we get a planner?

There were lots more questions but just to clarify some things. Molara runs Just Wedding -, while Gbemi runs Omega Events -

Molara and Gbemi are bestos who disagree on almost everything :) but agree on certain things. You can hire which ever one of us you feel you connect to the most it doesn't matter, its your wedding and you have to be comfortable with your planner. We plan, consult and co-ordinate events. In addition to that we decorate, do wedding stationary, all of our packages are personalized to fit your needs and wants. Please feel free to visit our websites for more information. We had a blast on Saturday and we thank everyone for your love and support. Take care you all and enjoy some of the pictures from our special afternoon.
*This was added after one of the comments lolll- our charges start from N150,000 ($1000/£550)
This also depends on guest size, location etc


Molara & Gbemi

Thats all folks...............................
Question of The Week
A question to the bride to be, what is your ideal wedding?

The Day continues

Continued from above
Vendor of The Week
Banke Marinho

Tell us about your company :
Myrtle & Olive Event catering is based in London. We specialise in providing exquisite food and a personal service for all your event catering needs.We pride ourselves on being able to help you from the initial enquiry to the end of your Event in a friendly, efficient and professional manner.From weddings and birthday parties, bbqs to dinner/engagement parties or last minute bookings we are pleased to helpWe also have a different section of the company called 'Lunch In The City'.(delivering lunch to offices in the city..moorgate, liverpool st and canary wharf) It's basically to make your life easier, so you can relax and let us take the hassle out of planning what you are having for lunch! We guarantee fresh, great quality food, delivered on time to your office. Now you can get on with your day and let us get on with your food

Why catering:
It's been a passion of mine and I love trying out different dishes.....there's so much u can do with food.

Any formal training:
Wouldn't use the word formal..........just learnt from my mom what is your experience so far weddings and birthday parties, bbqs to dinner/engagement parties

What are your charges like:

Do you only work in london:
At the moment yes, but i am flexible

Being a lawyer why catering:
I get that a lot LOL, people dont understand the corrolationbut like i said its a passion..what's better than doing what u love and getting paid for it

What makes your services unique:
Presentation! I feel the presentation of food is as important as the flavour

Advice for brides:
Enjoy your day, smile and have loads of fun cause the day goes so quickly

Contact Details:

Wedding of The Week
Chioma & Akolisa
Engagement - Family Compound, Abia State
Wedding - Magnolia Hall, Lagos
Interview to follow soon...............

Rants of the Week
Why must you do every pose your photographer tell you to do, even when you feel stupid doing it? Todays rant is called 'SO YOU THINK YOU CAN POSE'.

1. Bridal party that think they can pose - enough of the jumping poses please.

2. Please what the heck is leg out or should we say kick it/all leg out pose lollllll.

3. Can you stop taking pictures of the grooms men carry the bride or the groom, it is so
annoying. Half of them dont even know the bride or are not the grooms friends.

4. Oh yes - the garden pose. Sitting on the floor with flowers around you.

5. The ring on the finger of oruka ti do wo no pose for grooms - are you kidding me

6. The Lagbaja pose - with both your hands over your face

7. Brides getting ready - can you stop getting photographed in your buba and underskirt please