Monday, 22 February 2010

Our very stylish Nigerian Brides and their International Likes

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A New Year, New Beginnings

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Molara and Gbemi
Vendor of the week
Our vendor of the week is our very special colleague and besto, Yewande Onabiyi of SaraO.
SaraO is a wedding and events management company that handles all aspects of planning, consulting, co-ordination and amazing decor. Please look out for her interview.Below are some of her amazing works!!

What type of bride are you?

Are you a Bride of the People for the people?
You are if all you care about are your guests, your friends, your colleagues, your college mates. All you care about is their welfare and no one else not even your in-laws or your family.
Are you a peacock bride ?
You are if Everything that you care about is yourself, what is most important to you, How you look your dress, your hair, your makeup ,you don’t mind what it takes as long as all eyes are on how gorgeous you look that day nothing else.

Are you a Family affair bride?
You are if you have such a close knit family that long before the wedding people in the family have assigned jobs to each other all you have to do is show up! Or your mum and mum in law are in control of the wedding you have absolutely no say on anything.

Are you Miss Fuss pot (the perfectionist)?
You are if you already have her day planned from start to finish. Even has it drawn and written and wants it followed to the T. Everything most happen as its written 8am YOU KISS, 8.15am YOU EXCHANGE VOWS.

Are you The Controlling Bride?
You are if, you just can’t let go. . TCB’s ego is very high and she has difficulty trusting people. She prefers to go round checking and double checking everything. She can’t help it; it’s just the way she is. You might find her at the venue late at night or a day before even in the morning supervising décor, food and many more. Such brides have a tendency to be bridezilla.They shout and scream on their bridesmaids and friends at the event and even the groom!!!!

Are you the Competitive bride?
You are if there is a silent competition between you and your friends as you are all getting married at the same time so you all want to outdo each other get the best of everything so they can say your wedding was the best out of the lot. Watch ‘Bride Wars’.

Bridezilla: is all of the above.

Are you a girl just wanna have fun?
You are if all you want to do is have fun all that matters to you is having fun, music, entertainment are very key in your list of importance you don’t even mind going for dance classes so as to add a few spice to your wedding or even singing to your groom.

Are you The Hopelessly Romantic?
All you are interested in is one thing getting married to the one you Love...
Rant of the month
Why is it that people go to a wedding where tables are clearly marked reserved yet you want to sit there? Very irritating, if you were that important don’t you think the tables will be marked with your name.