Sunday, 13 January 2008

Beautiful Beginnings on Wedding Vogue

Hi guys,
Hope you all had a wonderful week, we feel so blessed because we were hoping for a nice quiet January but God is so faithful it has still been as busy as December. This year we are so excited to share ideas and look forward to all your discussions.
If you are in the United Kingdom there is a wedding fair coming up, details below:
The Lakeside Wedding Fair: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10th February 2008

Once again and as always, thank you all so much. Have a great week!

Take Care,
Gbemi & 'Molara

Vendor of the Week
Ms 'Tosin Dekalu, Director - Lady Cobbler

Name of Company:
Lady Cobbler & Co. Nig. Ltd

Nature of your business:
We repair shoes, bags, suitcases, belts and most leather accessories. We also cut keys i.e. house keys, car keys, etc.

Why and when did you decide to take over the company or go into shoe repairs?
I really can't say when I decided to take over Lady Cobbler, but I’d always hang out at my Mum's place of work (Lady Cobbler) as a child after school & during the holidays so I knew all the ins and outs of the business i.e. where my Mum bought her machines, materials from, how she hired staff, how she dealt with customers etc.We (my siblings and I) would actually help count how much money had been made at the end of everyday! I was probably about 18/19 years old when I knew I would definitely open my own L.C one day, I guess growing up in the shop only made it natural for me to go into that line of business when I grew up. That aside I have a passion for shoes as well.

What service does Lady Cobbler provide?
Our services regarding leather repairs include expansion, size reduction, dyeing, top heel, protector and so much more.
Why do you feel couples need your service:
Our services are needed because everyone wears shoes, carry bags, used suitcases, wear belts, etc and all these things will in time be in need of repairs. E.g.: A lot of our customers bring their brand new shoes to us for expansion, to put a protector on the sole, to cut the heel because they are too high and so on & so forth. It is not a necessary service people want but a service people need.

How affordable are your services?
The services we offer are very affordable and range from N500 to N7, 500
Where is Lady Cobbler located?
We are located at Wuraola House, 82 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos 01-7919051. We are open Monday to Friday from 09.00am to 06.00pm and on Saturdays at 10.00a.m to 04.00p.m

Do you have other branches?
At the moment we do not have branches anywhere else but will be opening a branch in Victoria Island Lagos before the end of this year.

Advice for brides:
My advice is not only for brides but for the groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, mothers of the bride etc. Brides should look for shoes that reflect their personalities and a shoe that makes her very very comfortable. (I cannot stress that enough). Do not go for a shoe that is not your usual style just because it is your wedding, stick to what you are used too. Classic is always chic; they never go out of fashion. It is okay to accessorize your shoes but keep it simple.

Wedding of The Week
'Dayo & 'Dayo

Location: Ibadan
Waiting on more info (watch this space)

When we featured Bisi Adedugbe's company 'Simply Beautiful Creations', we posted the wrong telephone number and we have been receiving calls about it. Sorry about that!

The correct telephone number for Simply Beautiful is 240-603-0555.
News & Trends
1. A big thank you to all those who left messages for 'Molara everywhere comforting her for the
loss of her grandpa. Thank you all so much, it really helped.
2. Ankara/Adire are still very much in vogue but some people are out of control with them.
Keep it chic please.
3.Vintage veils, fascinators and birdcage veils are fast replacing regular veils.
First Rant of 2008
Oh Lord, do not get us started this year because we have loads to rant about, what do you think rants with photos loll. Our rants this week are quite simple:
1. PLEASE this sunglasses thing is still on but it is not on at all
2.PLEASE enough with the gloves already
3.We saw a wedding photo and the bride had on angel wings - for real, whats up with that
4.Friends of the couple, asoebi girls CLEAVAGE not BREASTS - comon now
Don't forget to send in your rants............................
Your Thoughts...............
N50,000 fine for spraying at parties, there is even an advert out. What do you think?

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Wedding Vogue is back...............................

Happy New Year People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wedding Vogue is back and so are we. How is everybody, hope everyone is fine? We are fine and all is well. We had an amazing December and we are looking forward to an more amazing 2008. Let's recap:

We will like to thank all our couples that shared their wedding stories, proposals and pictures -

  • Chinwe & Seun
  • Ataome & Olatunji
  • Bimbo & Banji
  • Yewande & Ibidapo
  • Amoni & Toju
  • Busola & Kenny
  • Yemi & Tosin
  • Oma & Jojo
  • Dammy & Toyin
  • Mobola & Olumide
  • Joelle & Oti
We will also like to thank our featured vendors -

Ronke Nedd of Ronke Nedd Inc
Bisi Adedugbe of Simply Beautiful
Ayoteju of BCG Creations

Reminisce on our favorite 'RANTS"

The grooms and groomsmen that wear sunglasses
The unkept grooms
The brides that don't get fitted before the day
The bridesmaids that pose
Vendors with business cards that read more that 3 specialities

Favorite questions

Couples giving one another gifts on their wedding day
Real flowers vs artificial

We had fun last year but this year promises to be more fun and informative. Please recap and remember last year. Thank you for all your emails, questions and pictures. Keep them coming, for those we have not featured we will get to you. We still have a wedding gown for sale, check our october archive for more information.

Wienna, Abi, Oyemvwe, Arewa, Halle - the snake skin bride, Naijagal, Uzo, Moe, Sha, Yankee Naija and the rest of the gang- miss you all and looking forward to our talks.

Take Care,
Molara & Gbemi