Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Simply Beautiful Week

Hello Everyone,
How is everyone doing? December/January brides, grooms,bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins etc how are you guys? How excited are you, you D day is here? We are quite excited as well, we have a special wedding in the family and lots of family reunion as well. We hope to have a week for the guys on the blog soon, we are working hard on that, we are also working on something for the single and searching as well :)
As always thank you for your ideas, comments and emails. Have a great and Simply Beautiful week............

Molara and Gbemi.............

Wedding of The Week

Joelle and Oti


Bisi Adedugbe

Simply Beautiful Creations

About Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful is a company that creates stunning Hats, Headpieces, Fascinators that distinguish you at any function or occasion. Ranging from Weddings to Birthdays and any occasion you want to stand out in.

Why the name Simply Beautiful?

Simply Beautiful is a God-Inspired name. It used to be Taffis Hat while in Nigeria which used to be the Head Office but there was a need for a name change. 'As a man's name is so his he', As the name Simply Beautiful is, so is our creation.

Who is Bisi Adedugbe?

Bisi is CEO/Designer - Simply Beautiful Creations. She's a very hardworking, industrious, creative and has a eye for fashion. but above all of these, she's a child of God.

Where and how can people find Simply Beautiful?

Simply Beautiful is presently located in the United States, Maryland to be precise and can be located now through phone 240-608-0555 and e-mail.

Price Range

Our price varies from headpiece to headpiece and they are commensurate to the quality and uniqueness of our products.

Do you only do Hairpieces?

No. we have varieties and in the future we intend to add casual to our line i.e. face caps etc and design hats for men.

What is the latest trend for brides and her bridesmaids?

In my own Opinion, i think a little spice should be added to the brides and bridesmaids so as not to have the usual look. so having french veils instead of the usual veil and tiara for the brides is not a bad idea and for the bridesmaid, feathers will always work plus it adds elegance to their outfit.

What is the difference between the hair piece and a veil?

There is a lot of difference between the two. Hairpieces are already finished products made from different materials while the Veils is a type of material.

Is there a name for each hair pieces?

Not yet but will be very soon.

New Trends

Out with the OLD - Don't be afraid of colours

Wine & Gold - add a touch of pink

White, Ivory& gold

Yellow, Red(yes red), Orange, Chocolate, - new HOT colours

Nice chic hair pieces for brides- see Chinwe's

Special Rants of the week

Every week we receive rants from you guys, this week we decided to post some of them, more to come next week. keep them coming.......

1. Unfortunately not all families are perfect or live happily ever after but that should not be

obvious during ones wedding. Do you not just hate it when mum and dad are

divorced/separated and that becomes an issue when it is time to make the wedding

invitations. Next week we will give you tips on wedding invitation for the troublesome


2. What is it that bride and groom do while taking pictures that they waste so much time before

coming in for the reception - very annoying.

3. Grooms - it is okay to take your jacket off for reception especially is you are sweating like a

Christmas goat.

4. Tissue residue on brides face - chief bridesmaid do your job, you should make sure her face is

always on point at all time.

5. Dropping gown - brides who do not fit their gowns before their D day. It is annoying to see a

bride trying to dance and hold on to her dress so it does not drop

Sunday, 25 November 2007

This week

Hello people,

For some reason the post for this week is all the way down so you will have to scroll down to the post titled - 'The Wedding Planners are here'.

Take care

Monday, 19 November 2007

A bit of this and that

Hello Everyone,
How is everyone? Hope you are fine? We are and everything is cool. Everyone is complaining about the slow updates, please forgive us will get faster. This week we are giving you bit of everything and once again thank you for your comments.
We are thinking of hosting a Wedding Vogue Luncheon in Lagos this December, it would be a lovely evening garden get together where you get to meet us, ask us questions up close and personal. You also get to meet with brides to be and new brides. We will also invite our favourite vendors for you to meet with, please note it is not a fair but a social mixer.
So are you game, lets hear from you.......................................

Love Always,
Molara & Gbemi

Questions of the Week:

Is it worth all the money we waste on real flowers or not? Real vs Artificial

Can you rent a wedding gown or not?

A Special Proposal: Yemi & Tosin

So... Here it goes...Picture this:

March 25, 2006, Tosin's birthday. It was a Saturday afternoon, and Yemi drove from Louisville to Nashville to come and spend my birthday with me. He brought me a bouquet of sunflowers, very pretty. Yemi told me he had made dinner reservations for my birthday, and he'll be picking me up from church after choir practice, so I had to dress nice.
Anyways, since it was my birthday, I didn't suspect anything, though I thought he was acting weird and Doyin (my younger sister) was acting extra nice. He picked me up for dinner at 7pm, and we went to the Cascades Restaurant at Gaylord Opryland Resort (beautiful scenery and good food, if you're in the Nashville area, it's a great place to visit). After dinner, we went on a riverboat ride on the Delta River, an indoor river at the resort. The boat was decorated with red and white rose petals, there was champagne on ice and Frank Sinatra's "It had to be you" was playing in the background. Now, I'm thinking to myself, "This is a really nice birthday, I could really get used to this!"
I was beginning to feel relaxed and enjoy the scenery, when we got to this beautiful waterfall. I was just about to talk to Yemi about the waterfall when he got on his right knee and asked me to marry him! Being the goofy person that I am, I laughed really hard for two minutes (out of joy, of course) and said yes! Well, the rest is history.

Wedding of The Week: Chinwe and Seun

The venues for the events?
The ceremony & reception took place at The Pacific Palms Resort, Los Angeles, California

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Seeing family & friends laugh, dance . . . just having a good time

How was the planning process for you?
Seun & I planned our wedding, and we enjoyed making our day very personal. There were a lot of discussions, disagreements, making up but We were a very good team, especially because all the planning took place over emails, phone calls, it was long distance.

If you could change anything what would it be?
God exceeded my expectation I won't change a thing

If you could add anything what would it be?
Not necessarily add, but I would have relaxed more during the planning process, and just trusted God by not worrying

Any advice for brides to be ....
Have fun at every stage, the wedding process flies by too fast

Rants of the Week:
1. Brides who wear gloves - whats up with that, now the grooms who wear gloves (comon now)
2. Please fur is not for Nigerian brides. Please do not drape yourself or your gown with any form of fur PLEASE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Bridal Showers

Hello people,
How is everyone? We are fine and all is well, thank God. We will open our mailbox and anwser your questions this week. Thank you for all your comments and compliments. We foung this article on showers.........enjoy

Molara and Gbemi

Bridal Shower Themes

The job of planning a shower for the Bride-to-Be falls on the maid of honor. But it is just as common for all the bridesmaids to pitch in. Legend has it the first shower was thrown for a couple deeply in love, but lacking the money to marry. Their friends and family got together and "showered" the couple with gifts to help them start their new life together.

Today, the tradition lives, but it's more of an opportunity for the bride to gather with her girlfriends one last time before her big day! Although not necessary, a theme for the bridal shower can help bring a focus to the festivities. Once the shower theme is decided, all the details can come into place and the fun can begin! Bridal shower themes can be anything from a single color to an exotic locale, or the bride's favorite pastime.

A popular bridal shower theme is "Pampering the Bride".

The ladies get together and shower the bride with gifts meant to help her relax and unwind before the biggest day of her life. When planning a pampering shower, the invitation should instruct the guests to bring items suited to the purpose, such as bath products, gift certificates to a spa or salon, and yoga lessons.

One idea is to have the shower at a spa or salon. There are plenty of places that specialize in hosting showers. What is more enjoyable than to spend a day at a spa with a group of your best girls?

Themes can also be practical, catered to fulfill the bride's or the couple's needs. For instance, a honeymoon shower will focus the topic of discussion on the honeymoon destination. Gifts can include helpful items like maps, travel books, or luggage. Food, wedding decorations, bridal shower favors and music can also be used to incorporate the theme of a honeymoon destination.

The ideas are limitless, so use your imagination and make the occasion meaningful as well as unforgettable!

Popular Bridal Shower Themes. . .Room of the HouseEach guest is "assigned" a room of the house and brings a gift to be used in that room.


Guests bring their favorite lingerie for the bride!

Around the Clock

Each guest is assigned a "time," such as breakfast time or bath time. Their gifts should reflect this time.

Ethnic Theme

Using the bride's heritage, plan a shower with her favorite ethnic foods! For example, serve fresh fruit, isi ewu, and palm-wine an eastern area themed wedding shower. The decorations and favors should also have an ethnic flair.

Christmas Ornament

Guests are instructed to bring a ornament for the couple's first Christmas tree.

Garden Party

Host a shower in a garden setting and decorate the tables with beautiful flowers. Ask guests to bring gifts that the bride in use in her garden.

Stock the Bar

If you're throwing a couple wedding shower, a popular theme is stock the pantry. Guests bring gifts to help the couple stock their bar.

Month of the Year

Each guest is assigned a month of the year. This allows the bride to receive seasonal gifts that she can enjoy throughout the year.

Favorite Memories

Each guest brings a gift that represents a favorite past time spent with the bride.

Pajamas Theme

Have guests arrive in the evening dressed in their PJ's. The evening is filled with manicures, pedicures, facials and massages, and lots of girl talk!

Stock the Pantry

Have each guest write their favorite recipe on a recipe card and bring the card along with all non-perishable ingredients for the recipe in a box or gift basket.

Major Molara & Gbemi Rant:

Like the above article says a sister, besto, maid of honour/chief bridesmaid is the one to plan a shower. In some cases the wedding planner with special instructions from the above. Here comes our rant on bridal showers:

Showers are not meant to be male bashing, in-law bashing parties. Keep your sad stories to yourself or save your story for when you are alone with the bride.

If you are invited to a shower DO NOT invite other guests – most times showers are intimate. If you are required to invite other guests you will be told.

If you cannot afford to host a shower do not volunteer – it is extremely TACKY to go round collecting money from friends of the bride you don’t know. Gather a few common friends that you KNOW and raise funds.

Be mature – what happens at bridal showers SHOULD stay at bridal showers

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's almost Friday

Hello people,
How are you all doing? Thank you for your emails and phone calls. We will like to thank you for your pictures as well, we will post most pictures but if we have not posted yours yet it is because we are recieving a lot and we have to go in order, unless......... :)
We are still searching for the hottest wedding, if you think its yours, your sisters, brothers, friends etc - send in your pictures. Have a lovely week.

Gbemi and Molaraxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Question of the week

You have been a size 14 most of your life, why do you want to be a size 6 for your wedding. Why do most brides want to 'over-slim' down for thier wedding vs being fit (toned)

Vendor of the Week

Our vendor of the week is Ayoteju of BCG Event Decor, read her interview below and see some of her works as well.
What is BCG Creations?

BCG Event Decor is a one of a kind event decor company, that specializes in creating event designs for the client who wants more than just an event,; who wants an experience, an experience made in HEAVEN.

Who is Ayoteju?

Ayoteju, is a Child of God, who is passionate about the gift He has given her; which is to display His Glory through the works of her hands.

What is your vision for bridal decoration in the years to come?

The vision for "Event Decor" ( I don't want to limit BCG Event Decor to just weddings), is to create one of a kind experiences. People should remember your event for a lifetime, not just for the food or the band, but the entire package, especially the ambiance. It should evoke an emotion and that is what BCG Event Decor looks to deliver.

Where are you located?

I am located in Maryland, USA or the Greater Washington DC area if you would prefer. However my goal is to expand beyond MD and the United States, soon enough, I want BCG Event Decor to be an International company.

What are your prices like?

As far as pricing goes, I would say they are commesurate with the quality of my work. I believe that my business is a product, and for the discriminating client, they would appreciate the quality of my product as it relates to pricing. Like I have said, this to me is a GIFT from God. And with that comes an extra ordinary passion that fuels me to always give it my all and best. No one event should ever be the same; that is my motto and obviously my goal. We are all created, uniquely and wonderfully and your event should reflect YOU.

Proposal of the Week
Oma & Jojo

How we got engaged


Like every girl, I had imagined how I wanted to be proposed to, not taking into consideration that it is the guy's call. My imagination became wishful thinking in December 2005.
Three nights to Christmas of 2005, I had gotten into a big fight with Jojo and as far as we were concerned, we had broken up. Somehow, on the 24th, we got chatting online trying to resolve our differences and he ended up taking me to dinner. The following day (Christmas day), he picked me up from my place and we went to church together. After church, I went over to his place where his family was gathered for christmas. After a while, I noticed he wasn't downstairs so I went in search of him. I found him in his room lying on his bed in a meditative mood. I was wondering what was wrong with him then he asked me to pass a bag to him. I did, he brought out a box and handed it over to me saying "here's your christmas gift". I took it expecting it to be an earring and when I opened the box, it was a ring! I waited a while for him to say something but he didn't. I gave him the ring and asked what this was meant to be and his response was "THE RING SAYS IT ALL". Wow! There was NO will you marry me? There went my "imaginary ideal proposal". We told our parents about the ring and said there would be no wedding until after my MBA. Little did I know there was more to come.
On 17 February 2007, Jojo called to find out when I was gonna be done with classes on Monday Feb. 19th. I told him noon and was wondering what errand he wanted me to run. Then he said, be ready at 6.30pm the dress code is business casual. I then assumed that we were going out with his colleagues. You know, something official.
When we got to the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch on 19 February 2007, I realized that he had booked a table for 2 at their restaurant. He started off with a toast to his future wife, many more years together, love --------. That was not the norm but I still did not suspect anything. Whilst having our dinner, the waitress brought two tickets for a gondola ride and I remembered Jojo asking her if the show would be on since it had begun raining. I still had no clue of Jojo's intentions and thought it was one of his usual treats.
After dinner, it was raining heavily so we couldn't go on our ride. Jojo excused himself and asked me to sit in the lounge. When he got back he sat down. I was wondering if we were waiting for the rain to stop or what? Then he started talking incoherently which is NOT Jojo, because my man is a smooth talker. He said "I know I am rambling, this is not perfect because if it were perfect it wouldn't be raining now, When people ask for a ladies hand in marriage they give them a ring, but I have something other than a ring to give you". And then he brought out a diamond bracelet and wore it round my wrist. I was so confused that all I could say was thank you over and over again and ---(see me for more details, ha ha).
I always dreamt of being proposed to on a ship cruise. I came close to being proposed on a boat rather than a ship but the rain prevented it. By the way, I never shared my dream proposal with Jojo nor with anyone that could have mentioned it to him.
A word of advice to everyone, please don't stop dreaming because I can testify that dreams do come true. We are who we think of ourselves. So think good thoughts towards you and have high aspirations. God Bless.


My darling Oma is a romantic, while I am your typical Nigerian man, simple and short. Left to me I would have had her go with me to pick out the ring, but knowing her I wanted to do it right. So I had planned dinner at the Hyatt and we were suppposed to go on a Gondola ride where they would sing in italian to us and I was going to propose then. But that was not to be. It was raining cats and dogs, so my carefully planned proposal was being destroyed. Being the creative person Oma has made me, I improvised. I grabbed some chairs in the lounge, and yes I did ramble a litte, then I asked the most important question of my life "Will you marry me?" I dont remember her saying yes, but I guess she did since we are planning on geting married on the 22nd of December. I guess it's all good.