Monday, 17 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Hello Guys,

Sorry for the break in transmission, how is everyone? We missed you guys too! This will be our last post for the month of December and we will be back in January so 'Watch This Space' :)

We wish you all a Happy Sallah, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year May the good Lord Bless and keep you all.

Lots of Love,

Gbemi & Molara

Wedding of The Week

Mobola and Olumide

Venue - Civic Center & Island Club

Question of the Week?

Do you think that Brides and Grooms should give one another gifts on their wedding day?

Rant of the Week

Continued from last week...........

1. For your wedding reception, no matter how loaded you are PLEASE 'swallows' i.e eba, amala,

iyan are only for engagements

2.Grooms please visit the barber, no just to cut your hair but to be cleaned up

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Simply Beautiful Week

Hello Everyone,
How is everyone doing? December/January brides, grooms,bridesmaids, groomsmen, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins etc how are you guys? How excited are you, you D day is here? We are quite excited as well, we have a special wedding in the family and lots of family reunion as well. We hope to have a week for the guys on the blog soon, we are working hard on that, we are also working on something for the single and searching as well :)
As always thank you for your ideas, comments and emails. Have a great and Simply Beautiful week............

Molara and Gbemi.............

Wedding of The Week

Joelle and Oti


Bisi Adedugbe

Simply Beautiful Creations

About Simply Beautiful

Simply Beautiful is a company that creates stunning Hats, Headpieces, Fascinators that distinguish you at any function or occasion. Ranging from Weddings to Birthdays and any occasion you want to stand out in.

Why the name Simply Beautiful?

Simply Beautiful is a God-Inspired name. It used to be Taffis Hat while in Nigeria which used to be the Head Office but there was a need for a name change. 'As a man's name is so his he', As the name Simply Beautiful is, so is our creation.

Who is Bisi Adedugbe?

Bisi is CEO/Designer - Simply Beautiful Creations. She's a very hardworking, industrious, creative and has a eye for fashion. but above all of these, she's a child of God.

Where and how can people find Simply Beautiful?

Simply Beautiful is presently located in the United States, Maryland to be precise and can be located now through phone 240-608-0555 and e-mail.

Price Range

Our price varies from headpiece to headpiece and they are commensurate to the quality and uniqueness of our products.

Do you only do Hairpieces?

No. we have varieties and in the future we intend to add casual to our line i.e. face caps etc and design hats for men.

What is the latest trend for brides and her bridesmaids?

In my own Opinion, i think a little spice should be added to the brides and bridesmaids so as not to have the usual look. so having french veils instead of the usual veil and tiara for the brides is not a bad idea and for the bridesmaid, feathers will always work plus it adds elegance to their outfit.

What is the difference between the hair piece and a veil?

There is a lot of difference between the two. Hairpieces are already finished products made from different materials while the Veils is a type of material.

Is there a name for each hair pieces?

Not yet but will be very soon.

New Trends

Out with the OLD - Don't be afraid of colours

Wine & Gold - add a touch of pink

White, Ivory& gold

Yellow, Red(yes red), Orange, Chocolate, - new HOT colours

Nice chic hair pieces for brides- see Chinwe's

Special Rants of the week

Every week we receive rants from you guys, this week we decided to post some of them, more to come next week. keep them coming.......

1. Unfortunately not all families are perfect or live happily ever after but that should not be

obvious during ones wedding. Do you not just hate it when mum and dad are

divorced/separated and that becomes an issue when it is time to make the wedding

invitations. Next week we will give you tips on wedding invitation for the troublesome


2. What is it that bride and groom do while taking pictures that they waste so much time before

coming in for the reception - very annoying.

3. Grooms - it is okay to take your jacket off for reception especially is you are sweating like a

Christmas goat.

4. Tissue residue on brides face - chief bridesmaid do your job, you should make sure her face is

always on point at all time.

5. Dropping gown - brides who do not fit their gowns before their D day. It is annoying to see a

bride trying to dance and hold on to her dress so it does not drop

Sunday, 25 November 2007

This week

Hello people,

For some reason the post for this week is all the way down so you will have to scroll down to the post titled - 'The Wedding Planners are here'.

Take care

Monday, 19 November 2007

A bit of this and that

Hello Everyone,
How is everyone? Hope you are fine? We are and everything is cool. Everyone is complaining about the slow updates, please forgive us will get faster. This week we are giving you bit of everything and once again thank you for your comments.
We are thinking of hosting a Wedding Vogue Luncheon in Lagos this December, it would be a lovely evening garden get together where you get to meet us, ask us questions up close and personal. You also get to meet with brides to be and new brides. We will also invite our favourite vendors for you to meet with, please note it is not a fair but a social mixer.
So are you game, lets hear from you.......................................

Love Always,
Molara & Gbemi

Questions of the Week:

Is it worth all the money we waste on real flowers or not? Real vs Artificial

Can you rent a wedding gown or not?

A Special Proposal: Yemi & Tosin

So... Here it goes...Picture this:

March 25, 2006, Tosin's birthday. It was a Saturday afternoon, and Yemi drove from Louisville to Nashville to come and spend my birthday with me. He brought me a bouquet of sunflowers, very pretty. Yemi told me he had made dinner reservations for my birthday, and he'll be picking me up from church after choir practice, so I had to dress nice.
Anyways, since it was my birthday, I didn't suspect anything, though I thought he was acting weird and Doyin (my younger sister) was acting extra nice. He picked me up for dinner at 7pm, and we went to the Cascades Restaurant at Gaylord Opryland Resort (beautiful scenery and good food, if you're in the Nashville area, it's a great place to visit). After dinner, we went on a riverboat ride on the Delta River, an indoor river at the resort. The boat was decorated with red and white rose petals, there was champagne on ice and Frank Sinatra's "It had to be you" was playing in the background. Now, I'm thinking to myself, "This is a really nice birthday, I could really get used to this!"
I was beginning to feel relaxed and enjoy the scenery, when we got to this beautiful waterfall. I was just about to talk to Yemi about the waterfall when he got on his right knee and asked me to marry him! Being the goofy person that I am, I laughed really hard for two minutes (out of joy, of course) and said yes! Well, the rest is history.

Wedding of The Week: Chinwe and Seun

The venues for the events?
The ceremony & reception took place at The Pacific Palms Resort, Los Angeles, California

What was your favorite part of your wedding?
Seeing family & friends laugh, dance . . . just having a good time

How was the planning process for you?
Seun & I planned our wedding, and we enjoyed making our day very personal. There were a lot of discussions, disagreements, making up but We were a very good team, especially because all the planning took place over emails, phone calls, it was long distance.

If you could change anything what would it be?
God exceeded my expectation I won't change a thing

If you could add anything what would it be?
Not necessarily add, but I would have relaxed more during the planning process, and just trusted God by not worrying

Any advice for brides to be ....
Have fun at every stage, the wedding process flies by too fast

Rants of the Week:
1. Brides who wear gloves - whats up with that, now the grooms who wear gloves (comon now)
2. Please fur is not for Nigerian brides. Please do not drape yourself or your gown with any form of fur PLEASE!!!!!!!